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Thursday, November 2, 2000 - 7pm to midnight

Blood and Roses

GameMaster: Todd Worrell
Game may run late into the evening.


It's a Throne War! You're Corwin's kids. You live in his universe. You hate each other. What more needs to be said? Oh, yeah. Corwin said that if he were ever missing and incommunicado for twenty years you were to appoint a regent. Well, it's been nineteen years and 363 days and your pesky (NPC) brother Kale has just declared himself King of Argent.

This game will end when only one player is left alive. So if you want to get to bed relatively early on Thursday night....

  Setting: Corwin's realm. No contact with the outside world. It's your basic Medieval/Fantasy world.

Characters: Auction at beginning of game.
PC's limited to 150 points, but Pattern is free and a requirement. No Shadow Knight Powers, Constructs, etc. Stuff limited to 5 points, good or bad. No Allies. No Shadows.

Items: No 4-point armor. No Psychic Barrier. Combat Mastery creatures equal Amber level Warfare.
Gunpowder doesn't work.

  Players: Minimum: 5 Maximum: 8
  Players are requested to contact Todd before the convention.
Write if you have any questions. Preliminary Character descriptions are welcome.
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Blue Moon
  GameMaster: Kristen Gibbs
  All of you are in Amber, for one reason or another. Your aunts and uncles are mostly occupied in other places; the only ones around are the King & Queen, Fiona, and Gerard. The City is quiet enough, with the folk engrossed with harvest time and festivals. But then, you receive a strange letter from the King, demanding that you to leave Amber quickly...
  Setting: A little while after Patternfall, Random is King.
  Characters: Children of Elders or younger only. No Chaosians and NO LOGRUS. Point limit: 200, only 3 point spread either side for Good & Bad stuff.
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 7
  Players do not need to contact Kristen prior to the convention.
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Cast a Long Shadow
  GameMasters: Ben Mardukas, Dennis Castello

At the 100th year anniversary of the great victory of Patternfall War the city of Amber is positively jubilant. The king is well and has proven himself an able leader, some say even better than Oberon. The elders have been at peace and downright helpful and a new generation of Amberites has come forward to be counted. The Accord of Peace with Chaos has stood the test of time and all is well inside the Golden Circle.

Then falls night.

In one night the very existence of Amber is challenged as never before. The burden of the one true city's survival falls upon the shoulders of the new generation. You must now face the greatest direct threat to the existence of the pattern and the blood of Oberon. The question is do you as the new generation of Amberites have what it takes to survive.

This is a near real time game and the players will have to think fast and act faster. This is not a hack and slash game it is a fast thinking and adaptation. You will be forced to think of Amber in a whole new way while trying to save it from destruction.

  Setting: Post Patternfall War, pre anything else. Centered around Amber during a single evening.
  Characters: Don't waste your time on shadows and an army; you won't use it. Players receive free pattern if they have a character done before game. 125 points for char. 10 point max of any stuff. No advanced powers.
  Players: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 8
  You must have a character before the game starts; we are not wasting any time here. Please email me and I will send you the details.
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JLA: The Justice Legion of Amber
  GameMasters: Jason Durall, Thaddeus Rice

At the center of reality is the perfect metropolis - Amber City! But all is not peaceful here... Many dark forces have threatened to destroy it over the years. However, it is not without its defenders: one group stands true against the forces of evil. They are the Justice Legion of Amber! Strange heroes and super-human protectors of Amber, these mighty mortals have banded together to form the greatest team of superheroes the universe has known, fighting for liberty, truth, justice, and peace for all mankind!

But now, they will face their greatest threat ever...

  Setting: Modern alternate-world super-hero Amber setting!

Characters: Pregenerated Super Amber Elders. Players should send their top three choices.

Note: this is not a game for subtle, cautious role-playing, or one where arcane manipulation of powers will win the day. It's a balls-out action adventure, with over-the-top action and mayhem on a cosmic level!

  Players: Minimum: 8 Maximum: 13
  Players are requested to contact Jason before the convention.
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The Keep
  GameMaster: Kevin Clark

You can't believe you agreed to this. At the time though, anything was better than spending another hundred years slowly rotting in that accursed cell, but you hadn't realized it was going to be like this. "We've got a special deal for you," they said. "We've a shipment that needs to be taken to a specific destination, and, once there, you'll be free to return to the Courts." They made it sound so easy, the bastards - getting you to do their dirty work for them. Now here you are, driving this truck out into Shadow, knuckles white against the steering wheel, hoping to whatever gods or serpents you believe in that some stray bump or hole in the road doesn't set off your cargo: high-intensity explosives, left behind by Corwin at the Battle of Kolvir. And the stuff hasn't gotten any more stable for remaining in that storage shed for the two hundred odd years that have passed in Amber during Patternfall...

(Note: This game is diceless, although will make minimal use of a random element insofar as a deck of cards.)


Setting: Amber, post-Patternfall. Some of the characters, places, and events exist from the second series, although Merlin's perspectives are rather bent from his walking of the Logrus.

  Characters: The characters are all Chaosians from a variety of Houses who were part of the force invading Amber itself and were subsequently captured and imprisoned. Character generation details will be given closer to the con.
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 6
  Questions may be addressed to Jeremy Zimmerman.
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A Kingdom by the Sea
  GameMaster: John Schleick
  Within the once proud halls of a mighty castle a king lays dying. His children gather from far and wide to learn of their fate. And though they command powers far beyond the reach of mortal man, ill omens and nightmarish visions fill them with dread. What price did the king pay for such power? Was it so great that his children shall find themselves in debt?
  Setting: The setting is within the familiar realm of Amber. Yet the world however, is quite different, it is dark, grim, and ghastly place. Picture Amber as it would be if it was written by Edgar Allan Poe.
  Characters: Characters will be pregenerated Elders, so players should send me their top three choices. Role-playing stressed.
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 7
  Players are requested to contact John before the convention.
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Loyalty & Obligations
  GameMasters: Lee Short, Melissa Kocher
  Favors owed and favors owing; alliances of convenience made and broken; the dance of intrigue swirls ever onward. As a member of one of the powerful noble houses of Chaos, you have been called to lend your powers to repay a debt your family owes. The honor of the collector of the debt, Lord Thane of Kaldar, is in question: he has been charged with treasonous activity during the Patternfall War. Your obligation is to clear his name and restore the honor of his house.
  Setting: The dust has settled after the succession wars in the Courts of Chaos with Merlin's coronation. However, many houses are discontent, and few believe that the young king has the mettle or the diplomacy skills to successfully rule. Moreover, most question Merlin's commitment to The Courts - after all, he does have strong ties to Amber, not to mention to that new Pattern on Chaos territory.
  Characters: Characters start with shapeshifting, plus 125 pts. Must be a lord of Chaos, of a noble house. No advanced powers. Contact GM for additional information and approval of characters prior to the convention.
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8
  Players are requested to contact the GMs before the convention.
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Magic, Majesty, and Marriage
  GameMaster: Meera Barry

However you add the equation of magic, marriage, and the Royal family, you end up with one answer: Meihem. After the spats and fire of divorce from young Clarissa, King Oberon wants to get hitched again... this time to his childhood sweetheart, and mother to the illegitimate Caine, Rilga. You're invited... and a Royal Invitation is a Royal Command.

  Setting: The Golden Age of Amber, when Oberon was merry, and Corwin danced with a young Florimel in a dress of blue that matched her eyes... When Osric was known as the brooding one, and Benedict was still young and arrogant. Way back when...
  Characters: Your top choices of Elders based on 200 points, with no Advanced Powers, nothing from Shadow Knight, nothing from Chaos, and items only if they're named. More details can be found at:
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 10
  I would like to do this as a LARP, but I need player contact beforehand.
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No Way Out
  GameMaster: Joe Saul
  Shared-Universe Crossover. Not a light and cheerful game. Telling you anything else would spoil it.
  Setting: Post-Patternfall.
  Characters: Characters must be of Amber blood, have strong ties to Amber, and spend time there.
  Players: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 8
  Players need not contact Joe before the convention.
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Ring a Ring of Roses
  GameMaster: Roy Grutchfield
  You wake up after a hell of a good party in shadow. Your partner from the night before has gone, but left a rose behind.
  Setting: Set before the books: a dark game.
  Characters: 120 point character: must be able to travel in shadow. Bonus for characters submitted before the Con.
  Players: Minimum: 5 Maximum: 7
  Players are requested to contact Roy before the convention.
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  GameMaster: Paul Marshall

At the centre of the empire lies the Imperial City, whose streets are lined with cherry blossom and whose spires gleam with gold. This is the seat of the Light of Heaven, Emperor Oberon, and ancestral home to the families of Amber.

Beyond her fair towers and palisades, the great forest of Arden extends to the edges of the island, and from there only those blessed of the Emperor's blood may travel further. The seas are a dangerous place, and her islands hold many treasures and yet more dangers. Without the mark of the Emperor, the winds will drive your ship upon rocks, or the currents will drag you into a watery oblivion.

The Shogun, Benedict-sama, has called together a small group of bushi and shugenja who bear the mark of the Emperor by birth to his sons and daughters. He has discovered a plot to dispose of the Light of Heaven, but he requires more information before he can act. You must investigate, discretely, a small town off the shores of Amber and bring back what information you have gleaned to his ears only.

  Setting: This is an Amber-Sengoku crossover. It's more Amber than Sengoku, and I won't be drawing on Sengoku for anything but the feel of the Japanese setting. It stands aside from the books, so you won't actually need to know much or anything about Zelazny's works in this case.
  Characters: All pregenerated characters, so no character creation or discussion required.

Essentially, players fall into one of four groups (very broadly speaking!):

  1. bushi - the warrior types
  2. shugenja - the mystical types
  3. sohei - the warrior-monk types
  4. biku - the monk sorts
If you could let me know a broad style you'd like to play (or if you have no preference... worry not - I don't do stereotypes if I can avoid it) then perhaps I can angle a particular pre-gen at you.
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 6
  Players are requested to contact Paul before the convention.
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Friday, November 3, 2000 - 9am to 1pm

Clarissa's Lot (Part 1 of 2)
  GameMaster: Sara Mueller
You must sign up for both parts. To be continued in Slot 3.

9:30am Start Time

  Deep in Arden's heart lies an artifact on par with the Jewel of Judgement. With all the resources available to the Princes of Amber, why are they sending a bunch of girls to get it back? And what does Oberon's redheaded ex-wife want it for?
  Setting: Set prior to the books, during Oberon's long absence.
  Characters: All characters are pre-generated females.
  Players: Minimum: 3 Maximum: 6
  Players need not contact Sara prior to the convention.
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The Sable Game (Part 1 of 2)

GameMaster: Trish Hart
You must sign up for both parts. To be continued in Slot 3.

9:30am Start Time


Continuing the trials and tribulations of the agents of the King of Sable. Mistaken identity, shady dealings and a lovelorn princess add to the mix this time around.

Game Type: Traditional table-top

  Setting: The setting is not Amber per se, although it is a Pattern-based world. Details can be found at

Characters: The PCs are the trusted agents of the King of Sable and his family - soldiers, diplomats, merchants, investigators, etc: the most talented of the mortals, chosen by His Majesty to help in the smooth running of the Kingdom.

Characters should be built on 50pts (maybe slightly more for returning players), but with all stats starting at Chaos. Full details on character creation will be sent out once players have been assigned.

Preference will be given to returning players. However, spaces permitting, then new players will be accepted.

  Players: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 8
  Players are requested to contact Trish before the convention.
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Sunny Delight - It's Not Just for Funerals Anymore (Part 1 of 2)

GameMaster: Cort Odekirk
You must sign up for both parts. To be continued in Slot 3.

9:30am Start Time


It's a beautiful sunny morning in Amber, and as you stroll down a country lane waving a friendly good morning to Lord Sorrance, it abruptly occurs to you that he's looking rather spry for all that you attended his funeral last week. But then that would explain why he's waving his severed head about like that.

The Dead walk, the Elders are no where to be found and when Flora finds out zombies have been trampling her roses she's going to be pissed. Can you, the next generation of Amber, unravel the mystery before something drips ichor on the Pattern?

  Setting: About 20 years post Corwin and largely ignoring the Merlin Chronicles.
  Characters: A game for roughly 150 point drop-in characters. Characters should be second generation, have some loyalty to Amber and at least give a vague damn as to it' continued existence. Esoteric and personality based characters will enjoy the scenario more than cold, stark warrior types. Players giving me a character synopsis pre-game will get side-plots. I reserve the right to purge annoying devices or the ridiculously powerful.
  Players: Minimum: - Maximum: 10
  Players are requested to contact Cort prior to the convention.
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Change in the State of Amber
  GameMaster: Murray Writtle

Realizing that you could time travel within the lives of your own bloodline, you stepped into the fount of fire and vanished. You stare at an unknown face in the mirror. A feisty little guy in a multi-coloured suit, tie and waistcoat, clenching a cigar, appears out of nowhere. He stares ferociously at a jeweled box in his left hand and thumps it exasperatedly. It squawks. He looks at you and takes in your dawning incomprehension. "Not again!" he mutters. "Listen, your memory is Swiss-cheesed. When Caine killed Deirdre and Corwin went over the edge trying to save her, Brand fried Fiona and now we're all goose-stepping. It doesn't have to be like that. Ghostwheel isn't sure what you're here to do, but we should have some percentages once Merlin programs the new datascan." He flickers and disappears.

Can you put right what once went wrong?

  Setting: Quantum Leap crossover.
  Characters: You draw a random set of characteristics and DON'T get to see it (but approximately 100pts plus free Pattern. No Logrus or advanced Pattern.) Your parent kept you hidden in shadow. Random and Benedict just shoved you round a Pattern and threw you in a pillar of fire. WHO ARE YOU?
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 6
  Players are requested to contact Murray before the convention, but it's not mandatory.
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Chronicles of Narnia: Chapter I
  GameMaster: Jesse Scoble

From the Lantern Waste, up-river, west of Beaverdam, to the shores of Cair Paravel stretch the lands of Narnia. Come, you sons of Adam and daughters of Eve, revel in the glory of that place which is so much more Real than our own, and discover the truth of the old stories for yourselves.

A game for mature, wise children.

"Look well on that which no eyes will ever see again," said the Queen. "Such was Charn, that great city, the city of the King of Kings, the wonder of the world, perhaps of all worlds... It is silent now. But I have stood here when the whole air was full of the noises of the trampling of feet, the creaking of wheels, the cracking of the whips and the groaning of slaves, the thunder of chariots, and the sacrificial drums beating in the temples. I have stood here (but that was near the end) when the roar of battle went up from every street and the river of Charn ran red." She paused and added, "All in one moment one woman blotted it out forever."

"Who?" said Digory in a faint voice...

"I," said the Queen. "I, Jadis, the last Queen, but Queen of the World."

  Setting: This is NOT an Amber game.
  Characters: The game will loosely use the Amber system. No experience of Narnia is necessary. Characters will be "wise and mature" children from the modern world.
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8
  It's not necessary, but if you want to know a bit about the game, feel free to get in touch with me.
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An Eye for an Eye
  GameMaster: Paul Marshall

In the mists of time and legend, a Lord of the Courts foully betrayed the Serpent and cut his eye out in a devilish ambush. This traitor-Lord ran from the Courts to the edges of reality, carrying the eye with him, and used the Serpent's power to build a reality of his very own.

Egypt, in the 1950's. A great temple has been discovered, hidden in the depths of the desert, rumoured to be of the great Pharoah Kaplakatu. Therein, under rock and sand, behind door and trap, is the Eye of the Pharoah - a great red jewel said to have the power to reshape the world at the Pharoah's whim.

In true adventurer style, an old wizened man has sent a daring group expedition to retrieve this Eye of the Pharoah and bring it to him. But, he warned, there may be others seeking the same, and they'll stop at nothing to bring it back to their own masters.


Setting: Aside from the main stream of books, though it probably happens some time before Patternfall. No prior knowledge needed of the Amber universe as it'll all be made plain as things move along.

The focus is in Egypt, Earth, in the 1950's (roughly... my interpretation of the 1950's :) ). The game style is "action / adventure" in the style of "The Mummy" (the recent one... and no it's not the same idea!).

  Characters: Players to submit characters for a "dangerous, yet rewarding" mission into the Sahara desert. Characters will be human, and don't worry about points or stats. Just a basic character outline, and a list of interesting character hooks that drive your character to do whatever it is that they do.
  Players: Minimum: 5 Maximum: 6
  Players are requested to contact Paul prior to the convention.
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Finish the Job
  GameMaster: Jim Holthaus
  "Amber must fall!" was our rallying cry before the final, devastating battles that slew the last of the Amberines. Their destruction was complete. Our destruction was vast. As we lick our wounds one more question looms: how do we destroy the Pattern when there is no more Blood of Amber?
  Setting: Shortly after the defeat of Amber in the Patternfall War.
  Characters: Pregenerated characters provided.
  Players: Minimum: 5 Maximum: 8
  Players need not contact Jim prior to the convention.
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The Hand of Zorro
  GameMasters: Cindy Henderson, Irene Schwarting

What do you get when you combine two fruits, one vegetable (actually, avocado is a fruit), one flower, and one salad?

The Evil Alcalde Ericaban has stolen the heart of the Lady Florinda and the money of the peeples. (But what do the peeples need money for anyway? They never buy anything.) Fortunately, Don Corwin de la Vega has come to the rescue of the peeples. Disguised as the masked bandit Zorro, he comes to defend the defenseless, defeat the defeatless, and to win the heart of the lovely Senorita Deirdre Taylor Wilson, who is here to set the peeples free from the greedy, bloodsucking, Evil Alcalde.

But what do we have here? A stranger who claims to be the true Zorro? Could this be one of the Evil Alcalde's plots? Will Senorita Deirdre Taylor Wilson end up in the Evil Alcalde's prison? And who will wear Lady Florinda's ruby necklace?

This is Zorro the Gay Blade with an Amber twist.

  Setting: At the western edge of the Mexican Territories lies the town of Los Angeles, where an Alcalde acts as a governor to the hard working peasants and the wealthy land-owning Dons. The much-loved Alcalde Don Oberon de la Vega was tragically killed when a turtle frightened his horse. The Dons have chosen Captain Ericaban to be the next Alcalde. During his inauguration speech, Ericaban raised the taxes on the peasants to nearly one hundred percent. It is clear that the Dons will prosper under Alcalde Ericaban, while the poor peasants will suffer. There is no hope for the people, unless Zorro returns to once again fight tyranny and injustice.
  Characters: Character construction is to be done through contact with the GMs.
  Players: Minimum: 5 Maximum: 7
  Players are requested to contact Cindy before the convention.
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  GameMaster: Sol Foster
"If gateways of seeing were opened then we could see that everything always is, just as it always is, infinitely infinite." -- Kurt Elling

It's the latest drug on the Amber scene, a popular high with some nasty side effects. Nobody knows where it's coming from, but you've been "volunteered" to find out.

  Setting: Shared world game in standard post-Merlin Amberverse.
  Characters: 150-point Amberites, no Advanced powers.
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 6
  Players need not contact Sol prior to the convention.
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The Swayvill Letters
  GameMaster: Simone Cooper

Action/adventure plus accidental human sacrifice, lace doilies, and frog fear. Put on your hip waders and come on down!

This game was written by Jason Durall.

  Setting: The Courts of Chaos and Shadow Earth before the Merlin chronicles.
  Characters: Characters will be summoned and created on the spot. Players must be open-minded and quick off the mark...
  Players: Minimum: 5 Maximum: 8
  Players need not contact Simone prior to the convention.
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Unusual Suspects
  GameMaster: David Golden
  Six criminals, one mastermind behind it all. Starts with a lineup, ends with a bang.
  Setting: Shadow Earth, mid series one.

Characters: Concept must be a skilled criminal. Notoriety optional. No links to Amber or Chaos. All attributes start at Human. 60 points to spend. No book powers/items/etc. Skills available.

Please bring a rap sheet of 6 to 12 crimes in your history.

See website:

  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 6
  Players need not contact David prior to the convention.
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Vive la Republique!
  GameMaster: Alan Wake

The People's Republic of Chaos. A renegade state reviled by all Shadow, demonised by the press, guilty of breaching every international convention, and of sponsoring terrorism. Who cares!!

Only one thing matters - being top dog, having the power over life and death in the Black Zone, and a finger on the nuclear button.

Have you got what it takes?

  Setting: Chaos-based, post Patternfall.
  Characters: 100 pts characters using ADRP stats, plus 'FATE' instead of 'Stuff'. FATE cannot be negative [ i.e. cannot be bought down ], otherwise treat as any other stat. Chaos only powers i.e. no Pattern.
  Players: Minimum: 5 Maximum: 8
  Players are requested to contact Alan before the convention.
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Friday, November 3, 2000 - 2pm to 6:30pm

Clarissa's Lot (Part 2 of 2)
  GameMaster: Sara Mueller
You must sign up for both parts. As continued from Slot 2.
  Description: See the first part of this game in Slot 2.
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The Sable Game (Part 2 of 2)
  GameMaster: Trish Hart
You must sign up for both parts. As continued from Slot 2.
  Description: See the first part of this game in Slot 2.
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Sunny Delight - It's Not Just for Funerals Anymore (Part 2 of 2)
  GameMaster: Cort Odekirk
You must sign up for both parts. As continued from Slot 2.
  Description: See the first part of this game in Slot 2.
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Ashes of Stars
  GameMaster: Kristen Gibbs

It is a bright night, the full moon shining brightly through the window. Was it that which woke you? Or the deafening silence that holds the castle in sway, like a dream? Looking out the window, you see the silver castle walls, no guard upon it. Are they, too, asleep?

Looking down, you see forms in the courtyard below: a shining white Unicorn, dirty and worn, led by a crude rope halter held by an old man that looks to be her very opposite in lack of grace. They enter the castle, closing the door behind them. Yet there is still no sound...

  Setting: Pre-Patternfall, Oberon is King of Amber. Courts of Chaos is unknown, as is the history of Amber.
  Characters: Young Elders game; 100 points. Please contact the GM via email with your top three choices for Elders. I will assign roles after I have heard from everyone - first come gets preference. Then you make the character. All Elders are available.
  Players: Minimum: 3 Maximum: 6
  Players are requested to contact Kristen prior to the convention.
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Kith and Kin
  GameMaster: Meera Barry
"Dreams and anguish bring us together. They were a silent, hidden thought in the folds of oblivion, and they became a voice that caused the heavens to tremble."

When we dreamed of fire, of the burning crown, we spoke to no one of our fears. It was after Florimel asked Random, "What of Oberon's Legacy, brother?" that we learned of the Ambassadors.

  Setting: This is a dark Amber set less than ten years after Patternfall. While the battle was won, the war has continued on, diplomacy useless since the Patternstorm raged. Merlin was killed fleeing Chaos. Martin seeks the Unicorn. Amber sits in the eye of the storm.

Characters: Your three top choices of Elders are requested from a list available at:

Also available there is a description of the interim events, the powers available, and whatever other notes seem to make themselves useful. Please note that though the hours are few, I do see this as a relatively epic scale.

  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 10

"One can acquire everything in solitude except character." -Stendhal, On Love, 1822

Contact me, so I can discuss your choices.

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The Lion in Winter
  GameMaster: Eric Todd

Oberon and Clarissa's 50th Winter Court has been declared for three weeks hence, and as a member of the royal family your attendance is less than optional. Rumors about Oberon's new Chaosian mistress and the appointment of a heir to Oberon's throne abound. Where will you stand, when the court draws to a close?

This will be a mostly free-form game, focusing on character interaction.

  Setting: Pre-patternfall, prior to the birth of Caine, Julian, et al. It hasn't been all that long since Amber was actively at war with the Courts of Chaos.
  Characters: Characters available will be: Oberon, Clarissa, Rilga, Gramble, Benedict, Eric, Corwin, Deirdre, Fiona, Bleys, and Brand. Rilga is Oberon's mistress, and may some day be the mother of Caine, Julian and Gerard. Gramble is the new Lord of Sawall, and king of the Courts of Chaos.
  Players: Minimum: 10 Maximum: 11
  Please contact me no later than October 27 with your top two character choices.
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Luke and Merle's Excellent Adventure
  GameMaster: Jeremy "Bolthy" Zimmerman
  In an effort to explore the infiniteness of shadow, Merlin and Rinaldo, scions of Amber, created a device that would search through shadow for certain parameters and deliver them to their lab for examination. The search parameters would describe figures from Shadow Earth's literature and history. [Yeah, hand-wave, hand-wave, hand-wave.] Unfortunately, their device never got tested. Or, so they thought.
  Setting: Shadow Earth, with the possibility of other locales, including Amber.

Characters: All characters will, ideally, be personalities from fiction and/or history. The big limitation is that I won't take religious figures. I don't want to start a holy war because one person decides to roleplay Mohammed as a beer-guzzling whore-monger. If you go for characters that are godlike (Phoebus Apollo, Silver Surfer, etc) or insanely huge (Godzilla, Galactus, and so forth) be prepared to have "varying shadow laws" give you a wedgie. "Up, up, and aw-- d'oh!" Characters from the hit series "The Chronicles of Amber" are out of the question. Otherwise, have at it. A group consisting of three Napoleons, Emperor Norton, Sherlock Holmes, and a pouty Elric of Melnibone works just fine.

Character proposals must be emailed to the GM, snail-mailed or described convincingly over the phone, with lots of time for the GM to take notes. The description you give will be your character, so be certain to provide as much info regarding background and abilities as you feel necessary. The GM's knowledge base is more "eclectic" than "comprehensive", so feel free to explain things in simple terms using small words.

  Players: Minimum: 3 Maximum: 6
  Contact Jeremy Zimmerman.
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The Order of the Silver Rose
  GameMaster: Robert Haight
  The Order of the Silver Rose faces the first real challenge since victory at the Light. The king has been old and sick for longer than most can remember. The order of succession is lost in the annals of history and if the king does not name a successor there will be civil war. Oblivious to this, the king announces to a group of recently knighted Roses that he wishes them to be escorted on a pilgrimage to Amber, his legendary homeland.
  Setting: For 15,000 years the Order of the Silver Rose has served as the premiere force of arms for King Corwin. Undergoing a test of faith that taxes their strength and convictions. Success proves your worthiness to join the brotherhood and ultimate control over shadow. Failure means death.

Characters: Characters will be from Corwin's universe and have passing knowledge of the first series of books. 100 point characters, plus Pattern imprint from Corwin's pattern. No Chaosites, Logrus or Pattern. Advanced powers and artifacts welcome. Constructs require GM approval.

For intermediate/advanced players. Come prepared to find creative ways to use Pattern. Feel free to email me if you want clarifications on the background.

  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 6
  Players are requested to contact Robert before the convention.
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The Swords of Avalon
  GameMaster: Jason Durall
"Yes, I remember Avalon," he said, "a place of silver and shade and cool waters, where the stars shone like bonfires at night and the green of day was always the green of spring. Youth, love, beauty- I knew them in Avalon. Proud steeds, bright metal, soft lips, dark ale. Honor . . ." - Ganelon, The Guns of Avalon

Journey back to the time before those silver towers fell, when the demon lord Corwin led the proud city of Avalon and its surrounding kingdom, ruling with a mixture of pride, cunning, and cruelty. Ride under the banner of the noble Knights of the Silver Rose, exploring the world of Corwin's making... defending it from the forces of Chaos which threaten to destroy it!

  Setting: A pre-Chronicles game set in Corwin's Shadow kingdom of Avalon.
  Characters: Characters and backgrounds must be created ahead of the game via e-mail. The GM will provide character generation information, but characters are non-Amberite knights, lords, and ladies of a chivalrous Arthurian-style background. Some familiarity with that setting and genre essential.
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 7
  Players are requested to contact Jason before the convention.
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  GameMasters: Karrin Dailey, Caroline Elliot

Someone at your job wants you dead. Rather, someone at your former job wants you dead. You receive a pink slip one morning, and with it a warning that your life is going to end in 12 hours because the Corp has decided you're a liability.

You can't go to the police - they own the police.

You can't go to the media - they own the media.

But if they want you dead, why the warning? How are they going to do it? Why are they going to do it? Given the sheer size of the Corp, which they is behind this anyway? Good questions, all.

You've got 12 hours to find out.

A non-Amber game using the diceless system, the characters are in a race against the clock to find a would-be killer: their own.


Setting: In an alternate world's dark future, corporate power has undermined Democracy to a point where it's little more than a joke. The government is powerless, politicians are puppets, and the police are all but entirely corrupt. The golden rule is: whoever has the gold makes the rules.

Note: This game is not set in the Amber universe! It will use a version of the Amber DRPG modified to reflect the fact that the characters aren't Amberites.

  Characters: Pre-generated characters, first come first served.
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8
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Friday, November 3, 2000 - 8pm to midnight

Scrambly Eggs (Part 1 of 2)

GameMaster: Richard Uyeyama
You must sign up for both parts. To be continued in Slot 6.


That must've been some party last night. You just don't feel like yourself this morning. In fact, you feel like somebody else entirely. Well, sort of. It's like you're still you, but all of your personality traits have been replaced with someone else's. But that, as you'll soon find out, is the least of your worries...

Everybody in Amber has been frozen in time! Everybody except for the 4-6 player characters, that is! But all of you have had your personalities switched around! So not only do you have to learn to function with someone else's personality traits, but you also have to find out why everybody else is frozen, how to undo it, and maybe even guard Amber from attack in the meantime!

  Setting: A post-second series variant. Merlin exists, but Suhuy rules Chaos. Random rules Amber. Corwin's Pattern exists. Luke exists. Oberon, Caine, Brand, and Deirdre are presumed dead. There is a state of peace (and some trade) between Amber and Chaos.

Characters: Experienced role-players only. Remember, after a certain point in the story, you're going to have to play your character with a completely new set of personality traits (although your character's knowledge and abilities will remain the same as before), which you probably won't have seen previously.

Basically, the idea will be to have fun with the interaction between knowledge, abilities, and personality traits. So if your character is an expert swordsman who's used to a slow, patient style, how will his combat decisions (and effectiveness) be affected, if he ends up with an impulsive, impatient personality? If your character is used to getting people to do what she wants by self-confidence and intimidation, how will her relations with other people change, if she ends up with a cripplingly shy personality? And so on. Try to design a personality that will be in some way fun (or at least interesting) for the other players; after all, one of them is going to end up with it. =)

New or pre-used characters are okay. Note that, for pre-used characters, your character histories may be severely rewritten, so as to fit them into this story's universe, though. Player characters will probably know each other. Amber-side characters are preferred, though a Chaos-side character *could* be accommodated, if you really want to play one.

Build characters using 110 points. Bonus points may be assigned for detailed write-ups of your character and character personality (especially the personality). For more information, see the Pre-game FAQ at:

  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 6
  Players are requested to contact Richard prior to the convention.
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The Castle of FEAR
  GameMasters: Kevin Clark, Pol Jackson

Tagline: The Horror is Unspeakable!

Three years after Patternfall, all is quiet in Amber. Sure, the end of the war wasn't as clean and tidy as some would have liked, what with these rogue Houses refusing to accept the treaty and disappearing with their forces off into Shadow. Sure, there's been the usual political upheaval in the Golden Circle vying with one another over supposed raiding parties along the trade routes. Sure there's a few wild-eyed characters floating about - and something needs to be done about that Keep of the Four Worlds, but these are all but mere thorns in the side of Amber.

At the moment, King Random has other worries: for the Jewel of Judgement has been stolen...

  Setting: Amber, post-Patternfall. Second series of books did not occur, although selected characters and places may appear.
  Characters: Characters will all be Amberites, who should have some loyalty (however small) to the throne and the security of Amber during these rather turbulent times. Character generation details will be given closer to the con.
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8
  Players need not contact the GMs prior to the convention. Additional information can be found at:
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Christmas in Amber
  GameMasters: Linda Cottrell, Andy Blija

But Amber doesn't have Christmas. So why, you might ask, would we celebrate Christmas in Amber? Well, dear old Oberon has managed to anger the Christmas Spirit - and it's taking revenge on the whole family.

As an elder-turned-younger your task is to help celebrate Christmas. You've got it --deck the halls, go a'carolling, and all that. Can you maintain good behavior long enough to collect your Christmas presents? Can you prevent a sibling from being on best behavior?

  Characters: This is an elders game with pregenerated characters.
  Players: Minimum: - Maximum: 13
  Players need not contact the GMs prior to the convention.
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Death Be Not Proud
  GameMaster: Eric Todd

As a child of Order or Chaos, you believed the vast spans of the universe would eternally await your exploration. Yet, perhaps this has not proven to be true. Walk with your dearest Amber character into the halls of memory, greatness, shadow and old age.

Note: This game was run at AmberCon NW 1997, and at GenCons previous to that.

  Setting: This is a cross-over game placed an alternate version of Amber.

Characters: Nearly any Pattern or Logrus based character will be acceptable, but I would request:

  1. The character be at least somewhat social. Please no psycho-loners.
  2. The character be one that you know well, and greatly enjoy playing.
  Players: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 8
  Players need not contact Eric prior to the convention.
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I'm With Stupid
  GameMaster: Alan Wake
  Ever wondered what it's like to be one of Flora's wolfhounds? Now's your chance to find out...
  Setting: Pre-Patternfall Amber.
  Characters: Develop a character using the ADRP artifacts/creatures rules. Based around 25 pts.
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 6
  Players need not contact Alan prior to the convention.
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Last Breath
  GameMasters: Simone Cooper, Joe Saul, Jesse Scoble

The Courts thought you were harmless and had left you alone -- until now. Some bungling idiot has demonstrated that you are threat again, and the hunt is on. Pray that threat still has something behind it, and that you can find it in what's left of shadow before someone else flushes your last advantage away...

Not, as they say, "A festive romp in Castle Amber."

  Setting: Long after Patternfall, in the multiverse run by a victorious Chaos.
  Characters: Bitter, pissed-off characters from both ends of the multiverse will be provided.
  Players: Minimum: 8 Maximum: 11
  Players need not contact the GMs prior to the convention.
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Nine Princes in Asgard
  GameMaster: Jason Durall
  It's the end of the world again, and this time, it's called Ragnarok! Play the scheming, powerful offspring of Odin, All-Father of Asgard, in this game based on Norse mythology. The end is drawing near, and the scions of Asgard are wondering if the prophecies written in the runes will come true - that even the gods themselves will all die in the fiery apocalypse to come.
  Setting: Asgard, mythical domain of the Norse gods.
  Characters: Available pregenerated characters include Thor, Loki, Frey, Freyja, Sif, Tyr, Magni, Modi, Bragi, Idunn, Ull, and Vidar. Background material will be sent prior to the game.
  Players: Minimum: 5 Maximum: 7
  Players are requested to contact Jason prior to the convention.
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Nine Princes in the Hundred Acre Wood
  GameMaster: Jeremy "Bolthy" Zimmerman

Things were very different in the Hundred Acre woods after Wise Old Owl created the Pogrus. The Animals of the woods, led by Christopher Robin began to have more and more grand adventures, and saw all the places of their dreams.

But then, one day, Christopher Robin wasn't there. He wasn't at his house. He wasn't flying a kite with Piglet. He wasn't at the bridge playing Sticks with Pooh. He wasn't talking with any of Rabbit's friends and relations.

In short, he was Missing.

Of course, everyone had their own Idea of where he could have been. Rabbit thought perhaps he was off defending the Hundred Acre Wood from the ever approaching (but never arriving) Heffalumps and Woozles. Piglet thought he might have Grown Up and left the Woods. Eeyore was certain he was dead, and Pooh opined that Christopher Robin was Around There Somewhere.

  Setting: The Poohniverse. After the disappearance of Christopher Robin.
  Characters: All characters will be created with the ever creative "Nine Princes in the Hundred Acre Wood" attribute system. This Groundbreaking System can be found at I'd ideally like this to be a fairly character driven plot, with players going off on Adventures and doing Neat Things. If worst comes to worst, though, I do have a Plot I can impose on players. =)
  Players: Minimum: 3 Maximum: 6
  Contact Jeremy Zimmerman.
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The Price of Victory
  GameMaster: Erik Florentz
  There is an old saying: everything has a price. What price has Amber paid for its victory over the Courts of Chaos in the Patternfall War? The war was certainly costly, however our side won in the end. Peace has reigned over the land since the coronation of King Random I over two centuries ago and all has been well...up till now. The ancient power of Amber built up over the passing millennia over the shadows is now being challenged by the peoples who have long been subject to the power of the Eternal City.
  Setting: This starts about 250 years after Patternfall. Random is the King in Amber, Corwin presides over his own realm and Merlin is the ruler of Chaos. Your character can start anywhere you'd like.
  Characters: Pick your favorite Elder! Better yet, pick three and put them in your order of preference for there can be only one! Details will be provided.
  Players: Minimum: 3 Maximum: 6
  Please email me with your list of Elder preferences and we'll work out backgrounds ahead of time.
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Shrouded in Mysterlings
  GameMaster: Meera Barry

When asked about the Corridor of Mirrors, Dworkin harrumphs. "If you knew all of what you knew, you'd know too much!" he snaps, and looks disgruntled. "It knows when it's needed." Fiona says she knows, "Just enough to stay away from mirrors. I don't seek bogeymen." Deirdre's old estate, however, has mirrors on every wall, and ceiling, and all around...just what is their mystery?

  Setting: The game is set in that nebulous region sometime after Patternfall, where Merlin's escapades are unknown to this universe, and there are a bunch of offspring wandering around and making Amber interesting.
  Characters: Character information will be made available at: wherein your usual stuff will be outlined, such as: that all sorts of characters are welcome, that we're flexible with the powers (even Shadow Knight) and that if you run to about 100 points you're probably OK.
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8
  It's always nice to send your GM a line or two talking about your character. That means we can work some cool stuff out around them, if you want.
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The Wages of Fear
  GameMasters: Dennis Castello, Ben Mardukas
  A Black Road stretches across shadow to the very gates of Amber. Rumor has it that a vast army of demons and creatures of Chaos are going to use this road to make a frontal assault on the One True Realm -- but there is another danger. There is a little-known back door approach to Amber. A lone castle guards this approach and it is the job of you and your companions to hold this castle -- and the approach -- at all costs.
  Setting: This game takes place in the days leading up to the famed "Battle of Kolvir" described in the first book of the Amber series.

Characters: In this game you will be playing an Amber military commander that has been hand-picked by Benedict to help take on this mission. Characters are encouraged to be well-rounded and not simply focused on Warfare. Sorcerors and trump artists are encouraged. Magic items are allowed. (A partial-powers system for trump will be used so contact the GMs for details if you're interested.)

Players have 50 points with which to build their characters (no Blood of Amber characters or Chaosians).

Further, each player will have 5 points with which to create some manner of military or quasi-military unit that is under their command (the quantity multiplier will be free).

Players will have an additional 5 points that they can spend on an NPC that will be their second in command.

Players who email their characters to the GMs BEFORE the Con will get Power Words for FREE! So get those characters in!

  Players: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 8
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Saturday, November 4, 2000 - 9am to 4:30pm

  GameMaster: David de Jong

Where paths meet, choices are made, and lives change, there be the crossroads.

What is it that you seek out in shadow? What dances like a mirage on the horizon of your path, tantalizingly close, yet ever unreachable? Or maybe it's the past pursuing that drives you forward, always in flight, but never winning free.

A game for players to explore the motivations for wanderers in shadow. Blithe pretenses of carefree wanderlust aside, what truly has driven you to ride?

  Setting: The infinite bounds of Shadow, Post-Corwin Chronicles.
  Characters: Shadow mobile wanderers. PCs are cousins and or minor Lords of Chaos. Advanced powers and high-tech concepts discouraged. 150 pts. Concept must include what drives you to wander, preferably something you wish kept secret. Send concepts to GM before convention for 10 bonus points.
  Players: Minimum: 3 Maximum: 6
  Contact David de Jong.
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Deus Ex Machina
  GameMasters: Ben Mardukas, Todd Worrell

The Second War with Amber is not going well. The early success and advances have been reversed. The much-hated Amberites now stand near the Fire Gates and Chaos is once again in danger of being defeated by the ruthless Amberites. This time they may not be so generous in victory. There seems to be no way to defeat them in the field. Chaos is living on borrowed time.

Now comes that last chance for the noble houses of the courts. A secret project launched by Suhuy and Swayvill long before the war even started. A secret weapon designed to neutralize the powers of Amber and to bring about the destruction of the blasphemous Pattern.

Now the time has come to unveil this great machine needing only one component the blood of a living Amberite. With this the total destruction of Amber is assured. But nagging questions such as "Do we want to destroy the Pattern?" and "Who will rule in Amber if we just take over?" and "With Swayvill growing more and more ill with each passing day who will take over and have control of the ultimate machine?"

Players get a chance to take a shot at destroying Amber and avenging the loss of Patternfall War. This is a high power game with PCs equal to any Elder of Amber.

Your characters are all involved in one aspect of the creation of the great weapon. Each player may be exalted in one power. You are a specialist hand picked to lead this project in your field.

The time has come to destroy the Unicorn and all it stands for. Return the Omniverse to its primal state and wipe out the abomination of the Unicorn once and for all.

  Setting: Chaos in the dark ending days of the Second war with Amber. This uses the first books of Amber as a base and ignores all but the powers of the Merlin books. This is 200 years after the first Patternfall War and 5 years into the long protracted struggle that has become known as the second PFW.

Characters: Once you choose that power no one else can choose the same. So we will have a position for the following: Shape shifting, Sorcery, Trump, Conjuration/Power words and security officer with warfare bonus. First come first serve. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for extra players.

You have 275 points to start with. You all have Chaos stats as a base. (No points for buying them down) You all have basic shapeshifting and basic Logrus.

  Players: Minimum: 5 Maximum: 7
  You must contact the GMs to insure that you lock up your power specialty. Give me you character's story and tell me why and how he has got to be the best and how he has suffered in the current war.
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The Dog Days of Summer

GameMaster: Cliff Winnig

10:00am Start Time


It's hot in Amber. Record heat. Not a dry heat either. And it's only July.

Anyone who's found an excuse has left their business to subordinates and headed off into Shadow for a few weeks. Among the royal family, everyone in the older generation is gone, except for King Random, who has to be around to deal with some government affairs. But they haven't left poor Random all alone to run the castle. Oh no, your beloved parents have promised that all of you would be there to help him out, every single day.

Good thing for Random that you're there too, because an unexpected delegation has just arrived from an outlying Golden Circle kingdom, a delegation of weir. And they're claiming that King Eric had made them certain promises in exchange for the services of a few prominent weir, and that Amber still has to make good on those promises. Now.

The heat is just beginning to rise....


Setting: Amber, a few years after the Corwin novels.

  Characters: 120 pt kids of elder Amberites. You all grew up knowing each other. Powers should be kept reasonable, as I'd like to keep the feel of the Corwin books. (More along the lines of Martin than Merlin.)
  Players: Minimum: - Maximum: 7
  Players are requested to contact Cliff before the convention.
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Fis Raic
  GameMaster: Emma Sansone

The Land has been in ferment for months - since the Spring Equinox, to be precise - because, for the first time in living memory, the Queen is pregnant. Speculation is rife about who the father might be, among the Queen's numerous lovers, and about what the imminent birth might mean, for him, for the Queen, for the whole Land. There are rumours that the Fomor are restless, that an army is gathering in the hills to the east, that strange spells are being cast by their mages. (There are always rumours like that about the Fomor, however.) Your druids are looking rather concerned. The omens are not good. The Hounds of the Mórrigan have been heard baying at night, as the Wild Hunt rode past, unseasonably, in summer. You know that something portentous is about to happen, and your troubled dreams tell you that you are to play a part in events that may well shake the whole Land.


Setting: The game takes place outside the Amber universe.

The Amber rules (with modifications, i.e. no Pattern or Logrus, no Trumps, but new powers called Scrying and Initiation available) are used to create characters in a non-Amber universe, who are the immortal Sidhe in a Celtic myth scenario. Details of the modifications are available from the GM, it would be most helpful if the characters could all be ready in advance of the game so early contact is strongly advised.

  Characters: Characters have 100 points to spend, with + or - 10 points of Stuff.
  Players: Minimum: - Maximum: 8
  Players are requested to contact Emma prior to the convention.
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Get Shorty
  GameMasters: Joe Saul, Jesse Scoble, Lisa Leutheuser
  Free-form, Elders game. Characters will be created at the event. Who in the Amber mythos could possibly be referred to as "Shorty"? You'll find out...
  Setting: Approximately 40 years post-Patternfall. Set in Amber.
  Players: Minimum: 8 Maximum: 16
  Players don't need to contact me before the convention.
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A Long and Twisted Trail
  GameMasters: Kristen Gibbs, John Schleick
  One of our spies has disappeared along a road to a certain Shadow, many Ways away. A team is assembled to retrieve this being from possibly armed and dangerous forces. You are on that team. As always, if you are captured, the Emperor will disavow any knowledge of you or your purposes. Be careful, and good luck.
  Setting: Pre-Patternfall, Courts of Chaos game. Nobody in the Courts knows of Amber, or vice versa. None of you have heard of Dworkin, Oberon, or even House Barimen.
  Characters: Characters are pregenerated and will be given out at the game.
  Players: Minimum: 5 Maximum: 8
  Players need not contact the GMs prior to the convention.
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The Long Way Home
  GameMaster: Michael Sullivan

One day, you're the elite vanguard of the conquering forces. The next, your enemies have guns and you're counting the dead and wounded. And then some joker remakes Reality and destroys your road home.

You're a can-do, ready for anything, on your feet combat demon, and you're not going to let little things like a city full of enemies, the destruction of all your mates, and Infinite Shadow stop you from getting your one desire: to GO HOME.

Are you?

  Setting: Amber and environs, immediately following the Corwin Chronicles.
  Characters: Characters are demons (NOT Lords of Chaos) stranded in Amber. Approximately 30 point characters. Contact GM for special rules.
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8
  Contact via email only, please.
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Muzukashi Ten: Difficult Heaven
  GameMaster: Meera Barry
  His Imperial Majesty, the Muzukashi, is a strange old man, one who knows better than any others the way of Trump. With the force of his mind alone, he holds open the six Great Gates. The seventh...well, it remains open, a reminder of the War of Seven Gods. No one goes there into the lands of Choi. The residents of Choi, however, have no such restriction.
  Setting: This is an alternate Amber suitable for people with or without first year Japanese classes. Many of the places and powers of Amber remain the same, with only slight tintings on the genre.

Characters: The setting is best-detailed at:

Characters will be the equivalent of Elders, under the benevolence of their crazy grandfather, Dwo--I mean, the Muzukashi.

  Players: Minimum: 4, Maximum: 8
  Because of the differences in the setting, I would appreciate if players could contact me with their character concepts before the convention.
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The Price of Freedom
  GameMaster: Ameer Tavakoli

They have raised our taxes! Our children have been called to serve in their armies! We find ourselves involved in their plots and machinations! And what have we got for our suffering? Nothing!

It is time we take control and fight for the rights they will not give us!


Setting: Forty Years after Patternfall.
Time enough for elder Amberites to have raised a number of children, all of whom have made the lives of the citizens of Amber City, and those who live in shadow, complete and utter hell.

WARNING: This is a dark game. The chances for success are small as the forces arrayed against you are rather strong.


Characters: Characters are denizens of Amber city or Golden Circle Shadows. You will have 100 points to create your characters. Pattern is not allowed, nor are you allowed to be children of any Amberite. Everything else is fair game (including Broken Pattern).

You all represent the leaders of a seditious group whose plan is about to come to fruition. Characters will be made at the beginning of the session. As all of you must work very closely for your plans to succeed, you will have to create complementary characters.

Many thanks to Ahmad Abdel Hameed for creating/running this game at the first ACNW.

  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 7
  Players need not contact the MixMaster prior to the convention.
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Shadow Walk: Beyond the Brambles
  GameMaster: Eric Todd

Through the eyes of a child, you remember your father Corwin smiling, radiant with love for your mother, Katherine. You also remember the day he left, and how the dawn's light illuminated the bloody teardrop hung from around his neck. He bid your mother to be patient, and for you and your siblings' walk of the family maze to await his return.

Returning characters will continue their journeys beyond the brambles of their youth, while new characters will strive to take their places in the grand design of the lattice. This is an on-going AmberConNW campaign.

  Setting: This game is set in the terra incognita of Corwin's universe.
  Characters: For new players, there will be a 100 point lightning auction, thus please have a concept and a NAME ready ahead of time. Shapeshifting, Logrus and advanced powers will not be available to you, unless you have a strong argument to the contrary.
  Players: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 8
  Players need not contact Eric prior to the convention.
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Saturday, November 4, 2000 - 6pm to midnight

Scrambly Eggs (Part 2 of 2)
  GameMaster: Richard Uyeyama
You must sign up for both parts. As continued from Slot 4.
  Description: See the first part of this game in Slot 4.
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Ambition's Verge
  GameMaster: Jim Holthaus
  Omens have chased you for days now -- foretelling great change in the established order of things. It could be that the time for you to assume your proper Greatness in the kingdom is near. Gather your strength and your will. Perhaps Amber could be yours...or will your dreams of Power lead only to tears and darkness?
  Setting: Before the redheads wrecked the Pattern. Before Corwin was beaten to a pulp by Eric. Before Oberon disappeared. Just as these events begin to take shape, play begins.
  Characters: Players will play one of Oberon's known children. Please send your first three choices of character to the GM. Characters will be allotted on a first-come first-served basis. Once characters are assigned, players will be free to spend 250 points building their character.
  Players: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 9
  Players are requested to contact Jim before the convention .
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A Comfy Nights Stay at the Happy Crossroads Inn
  GameMaster: Cort Odekirk

The rain drums a gentle staccato on the roof, seemingly in time with the gentle chords of the harpist in the corner. You settle back, sipping your ale drowsily and watching the serving boy methodically wiping down the adjacent table. Another server strolls by juggling a platter of frothy beer and carefully sets them down before a talkative crowd in the corner table. Standing, he casually whips the tray around and sends it skimming towards the older woman in the corner. Moving with a more grace than here advanced years and orthopedic shoes would suggest, the old woman leaps aside and returns with a volley of knitting needles, yarn balls and at least one mildly surprised looking cat. The tray, having been deprived of its primary focus, appears to have settled for rebounding off the wall and making a determined attempt at decapitating the harpist.

As the running and the screaming begin you find a comfortable spot under the table and find yourself wondering if perhaps, just perhaps, one shouldn't make use of shadowmaps one receives from large talking pickles after three day tequila benders.

Based on the Dragon Magazine game "Bar Room Brawl", each player will be provided with characters, each with a particular set of quirks and motivations. You will all be placed in a large set of rooms and stirred vigorously. Complete your quests! Stay alive! For gods sake, at least save the brandy!

  Setting: An out of the way little Inn in Shadow.
  Characters: Characters will be provided.
  Players: Minimum: 5 Maximum: 8
  Players need not contact Cort prior to the convention.
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The Demiurgic Conundrum
  GameMasters: David Golden, Kristen Gibbs, David de Jong

A scavenger hunt with a novel twist. A Grand Duke of Chaos has died without heir, leaving a vast, ancient, and strategic estate on the very border between Amber and Chaos. By the terms of his will, the grandchildren of Oberon and Swayvill will compete in teams on behalf of their respective Crowns. The game: scavenging through Real and Shadow for a list of items. The challenge: many of the items are ephemeral and abstract, ghosts of metaphor and idiom. You may be able to walk through Shadow, but are you ready to find a shadow of a doubt" or the "suit of woe"? Creativity a must. Malapropists welcome. It's competitive, so strategy and teamwork will be crucial. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team.

HELP: If you are taking "downtime" this slot and would like to assist on a panel of judges, please contact the GMs by e-mail (see below) or just show up.

  Setting: Post-Patternfall. Random and Swayvill are the Kings. No second series or short story events (that you know of), but second series characters may exist.

Characters: All players should come with one Amber character and one Chaos character and be ready to play either. Each character built with 100 points. Amber character receives free Pattern; Chaos character receives free Logrus and a 5 point Logrus item (shapeshift must be paid for). 10 bonus points to each if both characters are submitted to the lead GM by e-mail by October 31, 2000. No constructs, no implants, and no non-book powers. Improved sorcery rules, see web page for details and preferred partial powers. Items may be restricted at GM discretion.

  Players: Minimum: 8 Maximum: 12
  Players are requested to contact the GMs before the convention.
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Family Resemblance
  GameMaster: Murray Writtle

...and after the Patternfall War they all lived happily ever after.

Somewhere over the rainbow, beyond the dreaming emerald fastnesses of the Principality of Arden protected by Prince Julian and his wife Fiona, beyond the sparkling magical realm of Rebma-beneath-the-waves ruled by Queen Llewella, High King Corwin presides over a land of legendary peace and plenty with the wise counsel of Dworkin, his beloved father's oldest retainer. Mad Prince Brand is safely confined in exile for the manslaughter of his sister Deirdre and the premeditated murder of his brother Caine. Not everyone is content of course, that rapscallion Random is always doing something wild and disrespectful, but he is seldom seen at court. Life as a playboy Prince or pampered Princess (Warrior, optional) is idyllic. Admiral Gerard and General Bleys provide swashbuckling careers to all who want them, vanquishing the infinite hordes of Chaos in time for tea with Princess Florimel. Master Benedict is unusually(!) taciturn and brooding. It is time to give up childish things and prepare for...

(This game is based on one by Abi Sutherland, run at ACUK '96.)

  Setting: Standard Amber.
  Characters: Characters have 60 points to spend, free Pattern, with + or - 10 points of Stuff. No Logrus or Trump. The game takes place initially in and around Amber itself. Characters are all related to the Elders in some way and have been brought up in Amber or Shadow with frequent open invitations to the court. It would be most helpful if the characters could all be ready in advance of the game so early contact is strongly advised.
  Players: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 8
  Players are requested to contact Murray prior to the convention.
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Hammer or Anvil
  GameMaster: Eric Todd
  Here at the end of the second Patternfall War, the realms of Amber have been ground to ruin under the might of the Ministry of Chaos. Billions of innocent lives have been snuffed out by the shadow storms that erupted when the Jewel shattered, and Dworkin's blood spread across Amber's glyph of Order. Of the few thousand that were snatched from the wreckage, you have been selected to be the bearers of Amber's vengeance against her murderers.
  Setting: This game is set in the distant future of Amber, formerly under the rule of the ancient Lord Benedict.
  Characters: Select a child of Amber city from before the disaster, with an age of 12 to 15. Know your character's family, including parents, siblings and pets.
  Players: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 8
  Players need not contact Eric prior to the convention.
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Ladies Night Out: Blood and Bones
  GameMasters: Ben Mardukas, Todd Worrell

This year for Ladies Night Out I shall run a game that I promise will fit within the scope of our allotted time. I would like to invite back those who enjoyed the unique style of the last LNO at AmberCon 99. This year shall be even better.

For those of you unfamiliar with LNO it is a game that is for women (thus the name) It is a game that favors character or action. As we found out last year the characters were as important and as fun as the game. So please join us for LNO II "Blood and Bones."

I think that I shall dispense with the tedious game description and needless hooks and instead focus in on the most important feature of LNO: the setting and the characters. The setting this year shall be after Patternfall by 100 years and Random sits securely upon the throne. (Nothing to do with Merlin has occurred) Player characters shall be the new offspring of elders who cannot have involvements before Patternfall War. Here is the hitch; you must be the brother or sister of another character.

It is just prior to the 100th year anniversary of the victory at Patternfall War and all is well. But we know that cannot last for long. With one week to go before the celebration your characters have been summoned to Random's quarters in the dead of night by the personal guard of the King who commands your presence before the king. As you are escorted through the drafty halls you can hear the hustling of the castles men at arms. Moments later you catch sight of a smear of blood outside the door and two covered bodies where the guards should be. Inside you find....

  Setting: Post Patternfall pre-Merlin. Characters. The setting will be in and around the castle of Amber. Go lighter on Sorcery and heavy on items that define you and your history. It is just prior to the 100th year anniversary of victory at Patternfall War.

Characters: You will be based on 100 points with Free pattern if you have your characters submitted to me before the start of the game. No more than 5 points in stuff. Contacts, informants, patrons - most of that is free.

You must use Email for this set up. Your character must be brother or sister to one other in the game. So you have to pick an elder you agree on and work out your relationships with them and one another.

  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8
  Contact Dan with your character idea and for history of Amber.
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Nine Princes in Dixie
  GameMasters: Karrin Dailey, Caroline Elliot

The War of Chaosian Aggression has been raging for some time now. With Oberon "Big Daddy" Barimen missing, no one is sure who should be running Kolvir Estate. Eric's taken things over, but he doesn't have all the support of his many siblings, and the in-fighting is getting fierce. Rumor has it Ole Corey's making his way back into town. If that's true, then things are going to get ugly. To make matters worse, the war isn't going well. Of course the fighting will never reach as far as Amber City. It couldn't. Could it?

This is a reprise of last year's NPID game, to be run as a LARP instead of a tabletop game. The GMs realize putting together costumes for the Civil War era in the Deep South is no easy task. Whatever props and costumes the players can manage will be greatly appreciated, but they aren't mandatory.

  Setting: Amber in the Deep South - Civil War Era. Amber City sprawls along the winding banks of the Rebma River. The Barimen family owns everything in town, and always has, from their grand antebellum house on the Kolvir Estate. Rumors abound about this family. And just what is it they're hiding in that cellar? But you know, rich folks... they don't live like the rest of us.

The Cast:

Oberon "Big Daddy" Barimen: Everyone tips their hat in respect when Big Daddy walks by. Or they used to, before he disappeared.

Benedict: An old war veteran, he's been out on the battlefield for awhile now, away from the rest of the family.

Bleys: A sweet talkin' lady's man.

Brand: He just ain't been the same since he went away to that big school up in the north.

Caine: There's one in every family. A creepy little sneak you just can't trust, but you just can't peg anything on, either. Rumor has it, though, that he's the best riverboat captain there ever was.

Corwin: No one knows where Ole Corey's gone off to, but he always was the wandering type.

Deirdre: Sweet sad Deirdre. With Big Daddy gone and Eric taking over things, it's looking more and more likely that Ole Corey just isn't coming back.

Eric: He's been feuding with Ole Corey as long as anyone can remember. Surely he's got nothing to do with him being gone, but since he is, someone has to look out for the plantation, right?

Fiona: A tomboy in pigtails. Don't call her Half-Pint. She doesn't like it.

Flora: Not just a sweet Southern Belle, the sweet Southern Belle.

Gerard: Big Jerry -- not the smartest kid there ever was, but you sure don't want to tell him that to his face.

Julian: He runs Arden Plantation, located in the swamps on the Kolvir Estate. If you want to get to Kolvir, you have to pass through Arden. If he lets you.

Llewella: The quiet one. They say her mother was one of those folks that live down in the river. Yup, you heard right. In the river.

Random: The little rat fink spends more time down on the bayou gambling than he does with his own family. Then again, can you blame him?

Characters will be one of the nine princes or four princesses, with pre-generated character packets available on game day. Players should choose three top preferences of who they'd like to play. Characters will be allotted first come, first serve.

NOTE: If we actually get 14 or 15 players, Martin and Moire will become available as PCs. You can choose them on your top three list of preferred characters, but they won't be allotted unless the 13 features fill up.

  Players: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 15
  Contact GMs: Karrin Dailey and Caroline Elliot with your top three character preferences. Characters will be allotted first come, first served.
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Target: AMBER
  GameMaster: Tim Hart (with thanks to Patrick Brady)

The previous mission was hard, and according to the analysts who have studied the de-briefing notes that were rigorously obtained during all those long tiring interviews in the padded rooms, some of the personnel associated with the Target project may be in need of some down time. A little R & R. A holiday.

However, due to certain security issues, it's not that easy. There's an excellent holiday village on Anthrax Island off the Scottish coast that is nice and secure, but the weather leaves a lot to be desired. And we wouldn't do that to you, anyway.

No. We've got a much better idea. A nice relaxing, stress free break. Just report to the briefing centre at Chelsea Barracks, in London, at 19:00 hours on Saturday November 4th, 2000, and we'll fill you in on the details.

And it won't be dangerous. Honest. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

  Setting: This is a continuing adventure from previous years. Characters are created in advance of the convention, using a system where points are not revealed to the players. You play people from 20th century Earth, who are just a bit special, from the police/espionage/special forces/army/navy/academic communities, who have leaned that the truth is most definitely out there, and are trying keep from letting it in.

Characters: Preference will be given to returning players.

If there are free spaces, new players are welcome. You are playing members of special forces, police or intelligence units on earth in the 1990s, who have been recruited to a multinational team, mostly headed by the British Army Intelligence Corps, dealing with hostile incursions onto earth by super-human things. No numerical attributes, just a background of the person you wish to play, and a priority for what they have trained in or studied during their life so far.

If returning players have wish lists or things they wish to study in the downtime since last year, they will be considered if submitted in triplicate on the authorised forms.

  Players: Minimum: - Maximum: 8
  Players are requested to contact Tim before the convention.
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Sunday, November 5, 2000 - 10am to 5pm

Art of War
  GameMaster: Edwin Voskamp
  You've been the rulers of the universe forever, scheming with your family for position. What happens when one of you shows up with unassailable position, perhaps wanting to settle old scores and wipe the slate, and the family, clean?
  Setting: Amber game. Crossover.
  Players: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 8
  Players need not contact Edwin prior to the convention.
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Church and State
  GameMasters: Simone Cooper, Ben Mardukas, others

With his crown, King Martin became titular head of the Church of the Unicorn, Hand of the Pattern, and Bearer of the Jewel Judgment. No ruler in all shadow has ever been so popular or overseen so long a period of peace and prosperity. His reign, much to the surprise of his aunts and uncles, has been marked by wise choices and even-handed rule, earning him their grudging respect and even loyalty.

On the eve of his first centennial, who could possibly wish him ill?

  Setting: 400 years after Patternfall, in an Amber where the hand of peace extended by Random and furthered during the reign of his son has been accepted by the Courts of Chaos to the benefit of all Shadow.
  Characters: Partially pregenerated characters including elders, Amber nobility, and Chaosian ambassadors will be provided. We will be polling players for preferred character types by e-mail in advance of the game; if you won't have access to e-mail during the period two weeks before the con, please let us know.
  Players: Minimum: 8 Maximum: 12
  Players are requested to contact Simone before the convention.
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Fade to Black: A Tragedy of Order
  GameMaster: Sol Foster
  The Logrus and the Pattern have both outlived their age. Together they maintain a mockery of the old universe, and prevent a new one from forming. Can you usher in the new world by ending the old?
  Setting: Crossover in its own little Amberverse.
  Characters: 200 points, GM refuses to acknowledge the existence of exalted powers.
  Players: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 6
  Players need not contact Sol prior to the convention.
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Katie's Karnagetime Karol
  GameMasters: Merra Barry, Katie Karnage (as played by Kingsley Lintz)
  Everyone knows that Katie Karnage brings toys and trinkets throughout the winter holidays to the best and brightest members of the Karnage Kid Klub. Karnagetime is a special time, where the Karnage Knight is chosen for the year. Problem with this is... Katie knows nothing about the Karnage Kult.
  Setting: The third year of Katie Karnage games starts up after the others left off, in the reign of King Random, where the children of the Elders have formed a crack superteam (or is that a superteam on crack?) to deal with various minor problems in the Golden Circle. Florimel's daughter, Katie Karnage, is merely the most famous. This is a Sunday afternoon game, which means I know that you're tired, and silly, and that's the kind of game Katie Karnage games are. Anything over-the-top can happen...and sometimes does!
  Characters: Previous members of Katie Karnage games (you know who you are, and I do as well) will get 10 bonus points to beef up their characters. Otherwise, it is 100 point characters, no auction, with powers as posted at:
  Players: Minimum: 4, Maximum: 10
  Players need not contact the GMs prior to the convention.
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The MoonRoses of Avalon
  GameMaster: Emma Sansone
"Yes, I remember Avalon," he said, "a place of silver and shade and cool waters, where the stars shone like bonfires at night and the green of day was always the green of spring. Youth, love, beauty - I knew them in Avalon. Proud steeds, bright metal, soft lips, dark ale. Honour!" ' R. Zelazny, The Guns of Avalon

Since those days, only the stars have not changed. You who were alive then remember the silver towers of Avalon and the war that caused their downfall. You remember the days when Queen Gwenhyfar's roses bloomed silvery white at every full moon - those roses that are now impassable thorny thickets. You remember the years when the kingdom was being torn apart by the Weir and the Saxons, and the long slow dark years after the Last Battle, when Lord Corwin threw his magic sword Grayswandyr into the Lake and was carried off, mortally wounded, in the Lady of the Lake's magic boat. More recently, there have been attempts at rebuilding. But the dark forces that still lurk in the Forest Sauvage seem to be gathering their courage once more, and once more emerge to threaten the villages. You may be the only ones able to stand in their way.

  Setting: An Arthurian-flavour game set in Corwin's Avalon (yes, the Shadow that was destroyed...) after Corwin leaves it.

Characters: Characters based on 100 points with no advanced powers, no Pattern, no Logrus, no Shadow Knight stuff. The Characters have no knowledge of the universe outside Avalon, have never heard of Amber, and to them the term Shadow would probably mean an evil ghost. Stuff is limited to + or - 10, and doomed Arthurian attitudes strongly encouraged

I would like all the characters to be fully worked out before the Con, because their backgrounds are going to be important in the plot, so please contact me for an outline of events in Avalon since the Last Battle, and to discuss anything about your character.

  Players: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 8
  Players are requested to contact Emma prior to the convention.
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Murky Waters
  GameMasters: Kristen Gibbs, David de Jong, Guy Gascoigne-Piggford
  Moire is dying, with no heir. She has her preferences, but they are likely to be washed over by the sway of public opinion and the force of private powers. Who will rule in Rebma? Llewella, by sister's rule? Martin - if he could be found - by blood? Or someone else entirely, someone of the real Realm above?
  Setting: Pre-Patternfall, sort of. Eric is Regent, not King. Corwin is missing and has been for some time. Ditto with Oberon. The paths between Amber and Shadow are treacherous and blocked to most Amberites, such as Flora.
  Characters: Pregenerated characters - a mix of Amberite nobles, Remban nobles, and a few common folk. There will be a webpage off of that will have a list of available characters. They will be passed out (after voting by players) at the beginning of the game.
  Players: Minimum: 5 Maximum: 8
  Players need not contact the GMs prior to the convention.
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  GameMasters: Amber Cook, John Worsley


That's why we need you, innovative thinkers and curious minds of the 20th century. Can you interpret the teachings of M.C. Escher, and follow him into alternate realities? Vlak verdeling, the artistic technique he pioneered, meaning 'regular division of the planes,' may be more, much more, than anyone has ever imagined before.

Esteemed fellow gamers, how would you like to play in an original one-shot adventure concocted by your humble colleague in a fit of twisted inspiration?

(This game does not use the AMBER system. Percentile dice may be rolled occasionally. The horror. The horror.)


Characters: Characters can be anyone from the previous century ('tho' that is only 8 months gone) who fits the description of a famous, innovative thinker, but who is no longer alive. This means philosophers, scientists, artists, etc., as opposed to military strategists and politicians ('tho' you are welcome to try to convince me otherwise).

When choosing your historical figure, look for someone with a clear and distinct theory, philosophy or approach to the world or their field. You and your character can then use that approach to explore and make sense of the game scenario.

  Players: Minimum: 5 Maximum: 9
  Players are requested to contact Amber prior to the convention.
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  GameMaster: Roy Grutchfield
  You're from the Golden Circle and belong to the criminal class. You 'volunteered' for this job. You're to meet an outside contact and escort them to 'Michael's Premier Flowers and Gifts', Fish Alley, New Docks, Southside, Amber.
  Characters: 30 point characters. Bad stuff equals rank in the mob plus the reward on your head. No good stuff characters.
  Players: Minimum: 3 Maximum: 7
  Players are requested to contact Roy prior to the convention.
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