Game Index - ACNW 2004

Many thanks to all of our volunteer GMs who helped make ACNW 2004 a reality!
Thursday, November 11, 2004 - 7pm to midnight
Adventures in Babysitting GM: Simone Cooper, Drew Wood, Anneke Floor, Penny Feltham, Rob Haight
Amber Noir II: Judgment's Hand GM: Kath Nyborg
Disconnected GM: Meera Barry
The House at Pooh Corner: Chapter XI GM: James Arnoldi
Land Grab GM: Randy Trimmer
The Lion In Winter GM: Eric Todd
The Tale of the Sinister School GM: Kristen Gibbs Schleick, John Schleick GM: Edwin Voskamp, Andy Ransom
Why Are You Sitting Here With Me Instead of Running a Game? GM: Andy Blija

Friday, November 12, 2004 - 9am to 1pm
Amber Apples GM: Ann Sasahara
Aurellis - The Experiment Continues GM: Tim Hart
Caine the Sailor GM: Leslie Lightfoot, Chris Lightfoot
Dworkin's Funeral GM: Jennifer Zimmerman
Eat at Joes GM: Jeremy "Bolthy" Zimmerman
Once Upon a Time GM: Meera Barry
Use of Weapons GM: Robert Haight
The Wonderful Pattern of OZ GM: Amber Cook, Melissa Kocher
The Dogs of War GM: Carrie Bailey and Casey de Groof

Friday, November 12, 2004 - 2pm to 6:30pm
The Enigma Society GM: John Schleick
In At the Deep End GM: Randy Trimmer
King Benedict I GM: Erik Florentz
Knights & Pawns GM: Kristen Gibbs Schleick
Masters of Their Fate GM: Carrie Bailey
On the Scent GM: Linda Cottrell
Out of Heaven's Hands, Part 1 (first of 2 slots) GM: Sara Mueller
Pools of Red, Flashes of Amber GM: James Arnoldi
The Sable Game - A Gallery of Intrigue GM: Trish Hart
Symptoms of the Black Road GM: Meera Barry

Friday, November 12, 2004 - 8pm to midnight
Along Came Harimel GM: Drew Wood
The Courts of Tigger GM: Jeremy "Bolthy" Zimmerman
Emperors & Fools GM: Kristen Gibbs Schleick
The Fall of the House of Amber GM: Thaddeus Rice
Men in Amber II: A Pair of Kings GM: Chris R. Lightfoot
The 9th Warrior GM: Clare Sangster, Paul Marshall
Out of Heaven's Hands, Part 2 (second of 2 slots) GM: Sara Mueller
Random’s Regular Game GM: Todd "Stoneface" Worrell
ShadowWorld 1 GM: Edwin Voskamp

Saturday, November 13, 2004 - 9am to 4:30pm
Last Breath GM: Simone Cooper, Todd Worrell, Mike Sullivan and Don Ide
Mars Ascending GM: Kristen Gibbs Schleick & John Schleick
My Brother, Unforgiven : Vendetta GM: Lee O Short, Melissa K Kocher, Camille Holthaus, Jim Holthaus
Nine Princes in Juniper GM: Jeremy "The Blasphemer" Zimmerman
Out of Darkness GM: Sara Mueller, Cindy Henderson
The Second Corey Family Reunion GM: Andy Ransom
Shadow Walk: Jeweled Thorns GM: Eric Todd
Zelazny Affair 2 GM: Jennifer Zimmerman

Saturday, November 13, 2004 - 7pm to midnight
Amberites in the Vineyard GM: Michael Sullivan
Brave New Krypton GM: James Arnoldi
A Day Late and a Dollar Short GM: Randy Trimmer
House of Amber GM: Pôl Jackson
Ill Met by Moonlight GM: Ameer Tavakoli, Irene Schwarting, Todd Worrell
The Serpent Underneath, in Two Acts GM: Carrie Bailey and Casey de Groof
Target Amber II GM: Tim Hart
Trading Shadows GM: Leslie Lightfoot
"When Others Quaver" GM: Drew Wood

Sunday, November 14, 2004 - 10am to 4:30pm
The Butterfly Catcher's Society: A Meeting of the Minds! GM: Jeremy "Sir Reginald" Zimmerman
Infernal Desires GM: Jennifer Zimmerman
NINF: Chaotic Thorns GM: Sara Mueller
Of Kinship and Tears GM: Eric Todd
Some of a B---- Must Pay GM: Madeline Ferwerda
Sci-Fi Double Feature GM: Harvey Mills
Tithes GM: Meera Barry
The Truth is Out There GM: Amber Cook, John Worsley, Kevin Kuehne-Seeber, Habeeb Kuehne-Seeber
ShadowWorld 2 GM: Edwin Voskamp

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