Game Index - ACNW 2008

Many thanks to all of our volunteer GMs who helped make ACNW 2008 a reality!
Thursday, November 6, 2008 - 7pm to midnight
Ahead of the Storm GM: Eric Todd
Amber Shadows GM: Lee Short
Between Venus and Mars GM: Thaddeus Rice
Brand and Fi Make a Porno GM: Jennifer Zimmerman, Chris Lightfoot
Endless Starlight: Far from Heaven GM: Kath Nyborg and Andi Blija
Forgotten Scions -- New Beginnings Part 2 GM: Dawn Greenlee
A Friendly Exchange GM: Meera Barry and Kingsley Lintz (as Martin)
The Guns of Abalaa GM: Michael Sullivan, John Neinart, Madeline Ferwerda
ShadowWorld (Game 1) GM: Edwin Voskamp
Snakes on a Plane GM: Drew Wood (contact GM), Amber Cook, Melissa Kocher
Pub Theory & Game Crawl 3 GM: Leslie Lightfoot

Friday, November 7, 2008 - 9am to 1pm
AmberWorld GM: Emma Sansone
Aurellis (Game 1) GM: Tim Hart
Being Prince Benedict GM: Yi-Mei Chng & Jules Morley
Bits and Pieces GM: Malcolm Heath
Combat Diaries: Omaha Beach GM: Ogre Whiteside
Down These Mean Streets GM: Madeline Ferwerda
Friday Morning Board & Card Games GM: Pôl Jackson
In the Kingdom of the Blind GM: John Kim
The Lost Room, Part 1 (first of 2 slots) GM: Amber Cook, Drew Wood
The Madness of King Lir GM: Meera Barry
The Sable Game (Game 1) GM: Trish Hart
SW1905 (Game 1) GM: Joe "new knee" Zottola
Welcome Home GM: Stephen Acton

Friday, November 7, 2008 - 2pm to 6:30pm
Amber-Stargate GM: Roy Grutchfield
The Ambrato Project GM: Denise Gibbons, Casey De Groof
Justice Legion Militia GM: John Schippers
The Lost Room, Part 2 (second of 2 slots) GM: Amber Cook
The Monsters Within GM: Meera Barry
NINF: Where There's Smoke GM: Sara Mueller
Nine Ghosts in Amber GM: James Mueller
Objects of Obsession GM: Stephen Acton
Patriotism isn't what its cracked up to be GM: Lee Bynum
The Pattern Authority GM: Thaddeus Rice
The Princess Game and Other Micro-RPGs GM: Pôl Jackson
The Sable Game (Game 2) GM: Trish Hart

Friday, November 7, 2008 - 8pm to midnight
Amberian Nights GM: John Kim
Crimson Dawn GM: Murray Writtle
To Dance with The Devils GM: Ben Bernard
Knight of Thistles [Part 9 of the Winnie-ther-Pooh/Amber games] GM: Jeremy "Silly Old Bear" Zimmerman
Phoenix Facility GM: Glen Seymour
Professor Dworkin’s Sing-Along Blog GM: Chris Lightfoot
Random's Regular Game GM: Todd, Jason Ray
Separate Nations GM: Michael Sullivan
ShadowWorld (Game 2) GM: Edwin Voskamp
The Sum of All Fears GM: Kath Nyborg
Top Amberite GM: Cort Odekirk, Andy Blija, Kai Ford
Travelling the Black Road: Late Harvest (redux) GM: Simone Cooper
We Need A Hero GM: Lee Bynum

Saturday, November 8, 2008 - 9am to 4:30pm
The 4400: The Rise of Promicin GM: Amber Cook
Before Time Began GM: Sara Mueller
The Blood-dimmed Tides are Loosed GM: Ben Bernard, Melissa Kocher, Mickey Schultz, Lee Short, Ogre Whiteside, Drew Wood
Children of the Storm GM: Cort Odekirk
Chronoguard 2.0 GM: Jennifer Zimmerman
Firefly - Criminal Element GM: Emma Sansone
Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh Trail GM: Yi-Mei Chng & Jules Morley
The Knights Quest (Knights of Baddon II) GM: Roy Grutchfield
Pax America GM: Eric Todd, Michael Sullivan
Pulp Chaos 4: Big Trouble in Little Chaos GM: Randal Trimmer
SW1905 (Game 2) GM: Joe "new knee" Zottola
Warlord's Quadrant: Repatriation GM: Stephanie Itchkawich

Saturday, November 8, 2008 - 7pm to midnight
Aurellis (Game 2) GM: Tim Hart
Burn the Land and Boil the Sea - Keep Flyin' GM: Emma Sansone
The Central Library GM: Ben Bernard
The Clan of Wandering Shadows GM: Malcolm Heath
The Florimel Show GM: John Kim
Grendel: Critical Mass GM: Simone Cooper
Grindhouse 2 GM: Jeremy "Bolthy" Zimmerman and Thaddeus Rice
Merlin's Regular Game: Giants in the Playground GM: Lee Short & Melissa Kocher
Midnight on the Firing Line GM: Seana McGuinness, Sara Mueller
Primetime Adventures: "Erection" GM: Pôl Jackson
Shadowworld - Crime Leagues GM: Robert Haight
Wands of Avalon - Redux GM: Mickey Schulz

Sunday, November 9, 2008 - 10am to 4:30pm
Aurellis (Game 3) GM: Tim Hart
Blackmoor - Invite only GM: Kat Lemmer
Doctor Who: “The Changing Land”, Part 1 and “Master of the FORTRESS”, Part 2 GM: Amber Cook, Roy Grutchfield
In Dolor Veritas GM: Eric Todd
Infernal Desires: Chaos Café (redux) GM: Jennifer Zimmerman
The Keep GM: Mickey Schulz
Life, the Universe, and Everything GM: Glen Seymour
ShadowWorld (Game 3) GM: Edwin Voskamp
Spikards'n'Spice GM: Erik Florentz
Sunday Slackers: Spontaneous RP Fun GM: Karrin Jackson
Teen Titans ala Amber GM: Dawn Greenlee
XXXXtreme Street Luge GM: Ogre Whiteside

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